Blaze Benefits – Be the First to Know What’s Going On

Welcome to the all-new “Blaze Benefits”!

What are “Blaze Benefits”?

Well, it’s just what it sounds like . . . things that benefit you, delivered directly to your in-box, every Friday*!

  • Inside info about what’s happening at “The Valley’s Best Rock”!

  • Special deals and presale codes for upcoming concerts and events!

  • Private contests that only “Blaze Benefits” members can win (like a $50 Gas Card every Monday in February)!

  • Plus, things we haven’t even thought of yet!

All to benefit you . . . but, you’ve gotta sign up to win!

You can also text “Benefits” to 6-8-6-8-3″ to get some updates delivered right to your smartphone!

*No more than once a week – we promise . . . Unless something crazy awesome happens that you need to know about.