Jack and Coke Popsicle Snacks for Summer!

Before you know it summer will be here and the temperatures will be soaring.
We all need to keep cool and ice cold treats are just what the doctor ordered.
Jack and Coke is a favorite among many and make them into Popsicle’s and you have a knockout!!

What you’ll need:
Popsicle molds of your choosing

5 fluid ounces of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

20 fluid ounces Coke, flattened (pour into a bowl and allow to sit until no more carbonation is present; about 1 hour)

3 simple steps:
Pour 1/2 ounce of Jack Daniels into each Popsicle

mold. Pour 2 ounces of the flattened Coke into the mold

Cover and insert wooden sticks.

Freeze for 4-5 hours or overnight.