“I Really Need To Go To Jail Now” Man So Drunk He Calls The Cops On Himself

Police in Van Buren, Arkansas are still scratching their heads over one of the most unusual arrests they said they have made in years.

On Thursday night, police received a call from an 18-year-old reporting underage drinking in his home – by him.

Basically he, I guess, was intoxicated and called our office and said he was underage and drinking and he wanted to go to jail,”

Van Buren Police Department Sergeant Jonathan Wear told ABC News in a telephone interview.

“At first the [responding] officers were a little confused,” he said. “They went to make contact and when they went to the house this guy — he actually came out of the apartment with his hands up. At that time, the officers didn’t know it was him who called – they thought it was a neighbor. The officers asked what was going on and he admitted to calling.”

“The officers wanted to give him a chance so they said, you know, ‘Look, just stay in your apartment and don’t drink, and you can go back into your house,’ but I guess he wasn’t good with that,” Wear explained. “They actually gave him a chance to go back inside and sober up. But he refused. He said, ‘I really need to go to jail.’”