Florida Girl Stole Papa John’s Delivery Car To Visit Boyfriend

Aweee Young Love…the depths of hell we will go through. lol

A 14-year-old Florida girl is facing grand theft charges after she allegedly stole a pizza delivery driver’s car early Wednesday morning.

Police in Lee County said Josie Bigelow ordered two pizzas and had them sent to a neighbor’s house in Lehigh Heights.

When the driver went to the door to deliver the pizzas, Bigelow allegedly popped out of some nearby bushes and stole his unlocked 2006 Ford Taurus. Which I must say that is quite genius thinking for a 14 year old.

The driver, 49-year-old Christopher Cook, told deputies he was walking to the front door when he saw a person come out from the woods, get into his car and drive away along a canal. Police said Bigelow first drove to Lehigh Acres Middle School, but when a policeman approached the car, she drove off quickly. Unfortunate for her, the need for speed wild ride was tracked by a police helicopter, where She was eventually apprehended about six miles away from her house.

Bigelow was charged with grand theft of an automobile and taken to a Juvenile Assessment center, She was later released.

However not a total waste….Meanwhile, the pizzas that were ordered under false pretenses were given to the responding officers free of charge.

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