WAIT . . . WHAT?: In a New Facebook Craze, People are Drinking Their Own Pee to be Healthy

It’s one thing to reject science and be a flat Earther, anti-vaxxer, or climate change denier.  It’s another thing to reject science and do THIS . . .

Apparently, there’s a new craze bubbling up on Facebook where people are DRINKING their own PEE because they think it’s healthy.

According to the groups, “urine therapy” can cure diseases, heal your entire body, and give you more energy.

Oh . . . and you’re also supposed to wash your feet in it.  And maybe use it as eye drops, mouthwash, and . . . wait for it . . . enemas.

This all sounds like a joke, and maybe it is, but there are thousands of people in the main Facebook group about it . . . and some of them post pictures.

Of course, there’s no science backing any of this up . . . in fact, if anything, the evidence shows that drinking pee is BAD for you because it can put stress on your kidneys.

But why believe THAT evidence when, instead, you could take advice from random strangers on the Internet and chug a tall, frothy glass of fresh pee?  (Philly Voice)