BALLIN’: At Least One Out of Seven People Play Beer Pong with Liquor

Apparently there are a lot of people out there who like to play one game of BEER PONG to get themselves drunk for the next 13 hours.

According to a new survey, 13% of men and 19% of women say they like to play beer pong with LIQUOR in the cups instead of beer.

That means at least one out of seven people like to do around five shots of liquor in the span of 15 minutes or so . . . which is pretty insane.

And that’s not the only weird beer pong preference from this survey.  46% of men and 41% of women say they like to play with CRAFT BEER . . . not the beers that beer pong was founded on like Natty Light.

And people are most likely to play beer pong at a house party . . . with a friend as their partner . . . and play about three to four games in a night.