‘IT: Chapter 2’ Begins Filming This Summer

Yeah, this is getting a big N-O-P-E from me. It feels like the IT re-make JUST came out, and they’re already beginning filming of the sequel this summer, hoping to release it by September 6th of next year (a little ambitious, if you ask me..). Now, I never watched the IT series when I was a kid, so the re-make was the only thing I had ever watched. I was really disappointed in it. Since I really didn’t know much about the premise of the movie other than it’s a scary clown who eats kids, I didn’t like that the movie explained NOTHING. It just got right into it. I also wasn’t a fan of any of the child actors, except the pudgy kid who was constantly put in the friend-zone. With all of that said, I might give ‘IT: Chapter 2’ a chance. Will you?

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