MUSIC: Slipknot Listens to WHO Before They Go Onstage?

By José Goulão [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

What do you think the guys in SLIPKNOT do to get pumped for a concert?  Burn down orphanages?  Slaughter livestock?  Rob little old ladies of their bingo money?  Nope.  They crank up the LIGHT ROCK!!!

SHAWN CRAHAN says, quote, “We listen to Journey before we play.  And you can ask the hardest metalhead what they listen to, and they’ll tell you the Beatles, Journey, Michael Bolton, whatever.”

I don’t doubt him, either.  It’s kind of a “calm before the storm” thing.  It’s reminiscent of MICK FOLEY, one of the most hardcore wrestlers of all time.

Mick used to listen to the TORI AMOS song Winter . . . possibly one of the most beautiful, peaceful pop songs every written . . . before going out to tear up his body rolling around in barbed wire, thumbtacks, and even FIRE.

(Ultimate Classic Rock)