HEALTH: The Way Airlines Board Us Makes It More Likely For Us to Infect Each Other With Diseases

Boarding an airplane is still just HORRIBLE . . . waiting in a mass of humanity until they call your group, then standing in a line, packing into the aisle, and waiting forever for people to load their bags into the overhead compartment.

But it’s also horrible for a different reason:  We’re all INFECTING each other.

A new study out of Arizona State University found that the way the airlines board us is the WORST way for spreading diseases.  By having us constantly crowded with each other, it’s really easy for germs to spread.

They found that if there was an Ebola outbreak, with the way that we board planes, there’s a strong chance it would spread at least 20 cases a month.

So how can we fix it?  They say it would be better to have people board the plane in two different doors, and board people randomly and not by sections to cut down on crowds.

(Chicago Tribune)