The Goodwins’ double winning…winning lotto!

You either HATE people like this, or wish you knew them…or both. OR the latter completely and you just feel so happy for them. pfft. NOT.

I can’t even get lucky enough to find matching socks in the morning let alone win a jackpot lotto for a million! How about five dollar scratcher even!

Although for some…it seems almost too easy! Luck doesn’t begin to describe the good fortune that has hit this Randolph, Massachusetts, couple.

Robert Goodwin just won a $1 million jackpot on a $5 instant lottery ticket, after his wife, Jane, won a million in the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes in August, the Massachusetts State Lottery said in a in a press release…

The husband chose a lump-sum payment of $650,000 (smart move old man)

at least part of which will go toward purchasing a home in an over-55 community some place where he won’t have to deal with snow.

“No more shoveling,” he said. (I’m sure there will be “no more” to a lot of things now big spender!)

The Goodwins’ windfall came after a woman won $5million in the New York Lottery last week after a clerk handed her a ticket from the wrong game. She agreed to buy the ticket anyway. Of course, because that’s when serendipity will show up and grace you with millions! give me a break. Literally…. any break. Break off some of that million Carol!

Americans reportedly spend an average of $207 on lottery tickets annually,  but rarely with results like this.