TIME Magazine “Person Of The Year” Revealed…And It’s Not a “Person”

People can get mad all they want, but I am applauding TIME Magazine for choosing the #MeToo movement as their Person Of The Year. They’re bringing “silence breakers” to the forefront, and giving their focus and respect to those who have been courageous enough to speak up about being sexually harassed, assaulted, and/or abused. The #MeToo hashtag started out as a way for actress Alyssa Milano to share her story of sexual harassment, and to encourage other men and women to come forward with their experiences. She didn’t realize it would turn into the movement that it did.

It’s been so groundbreaking that many victims have had the courage to speak out, and we’ve seen in recent months just how many people in the spotlight have lost their jobs due to accusations of inappropriate behavior (most of which took place in the workplace). Just because other victims are speaking out doesn’t necessarily mean that all of us are willing to open up about our experiences because talking about them means admitting that they happened. However, watching the movement grow and seeing the progress so many others have made by coming forward is a step in the right direction of bringing the daily harassment most of us deal with to the forefront. IT IS NOT OKAY to harass ANYONE. IT IS NOT OKAY to touch someone without their consent. IT IS NOT OKAY to make disgusting sexual remarks to a person about their body or clothing, or to follow them around a store repeatedly asking them for their number, or to take advantage of the fact that they trust you. Educate yourself on how to respect those around you, and that will only be a start to this enormous and worldwide problem.


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