Missing homeless people in Salt Lake “Street Sweeping”

Along with all the crazy conspiracies that come up everyday this one is a bit eerie.  The streets around Salt Lake City’s downtown emergency shelter have long been home to hundreds of homeless people. In recent weeks, though, nearly all seem to have vanished following a police operation. Local residents are mystified as to where they’ve gone.

One theory holds that the former inhabitants of the area left the state, another that they somehow found homes, yet another that they dispersed into various neighborhoods… but give me a break that is wayyy to cookie cutter to just leave it at that. Seems upon research there have been accounts of FEMA camps… and the idea that these missing homeless are being taken and put into Camps which has been referenced by an article in 2016 of a government insider, who we can now reveal was a US Customs Agent based in New York City, wrote a lengthy suicide note exposing plans the government has for its people. For more on this article click HERE

But why stop there! if we can just have people getting swooped up off the streets to be thrown in secret camps and no one bats an eye, then I stand by my own conclusions that aliens are at work here and we all need to wake the hell up!!!!!

I also might just be out of touch with reality and my love for sci-fi is warping my opinions. I’ll stand by the instinct that I’m totally on to something though…

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