Blaze Job Squad 2017!

Job sites all over the Valley rock with 105-1 The Blaze, while you build it, pack it, ship it, and store it . . . And for that, we thank you.

Send us a photo of you and your crew listening to Fresno’s Best Rock at work . . . and you could win a visit from the Blaze “Job Squad!” Izzy and Rash will roll up in the Own-a-Car Fresno “Job Squad” pickup, with a trailer full of coolers of cold drinks, food from Bobby Salazar’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, Blaze swag, and other great prizes! All for you . . . just for listening to The Blaze on the job.

105-1 The Blaze Job Squad . . . powered by Island Waterpark, Own A Car Fresno, Bobby Salazar’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, RoofLine Supply & Delivery, Chase’s Repair & Service and Fresno’s Best Rock, 105-1 The Blaze!

Upload your photo below for your chance to win!


Blaze Job Squad 2017

One entry per person.